I received my PhD from CERGE-EI (a joint workplace of Charles University and the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences) in September 2023. My supervisor was Michal Bauer.

During my PhD years, I ran large-scale online experiments to investigate whether inaccurate beliefs about discrimination hurt minorities and how we can correct misperceptions effectively. Another interesting direction for my academic research is the understudied forms of labor market discrimination, e.g. discrimination in communication within a hiring team.

From February 2022 till January 2024, I was working for the OECD (mostly on an external basis). I had a chance to contribute to the OECD background report Grow and Go? Retaining Scale-Ups in the Nordic Countries. 

You can find my CV here


Learning about ethnic discrimination from different information sources

[Most recent version] [AEA RCT Registry]

Misperceived discrimination and task performance

[AEA RCT Registry]

Disclosure Discrimination: An Experiment Focusing on Communication in the Hiring Process (with Sona Badalyan and Rastislav Rehák) 

[AEA RCT Registry]